Lucius Geldhaven


Lucius grew up as the son of a lord. The son of lord Sephidus, who is the son of lord Isaac Geldhavenm, Lucius joined the church of Chord during the an epidemic. He traveled through the commons and helped cured the epidemic ravaging through the trade city of Thorpledown. He saw the treatment of the Gnomes, Dwarves, and Elves he used to play with. He approached his father about the treatment of the other races, and the argument that ensued ended in Lucius’ banishment.

Lucius left with the blessing of the Church of Chord, and with the advice to travel north into the empire. But the will of an adventurer runs through Lucius’ blood, and like his grandfather before him; his feet carried him north into a different direction. He found himself joining a caravan, and accepting odd jobs as warrior, healer, or bodyguard of sorts. When his caravan entered the city of Frostfell, he was out of work and quickly becoming cold and broke.

Lucius tried obtaining sanctuary at the local temple, however after three days he overstayed his welcome and they asked him to part ways due to the influx of orphans. Lucius understood, and left with their blessings. He stumbled upon a bar needing body guards, where he met another man from the empire by the name of Flynn. A wizard who specializes in conjuration, and about the only person in Frostfell that understands the outsiders life Lucius is experiencing.

Other acquaintances include Simo, a protege of an old rival of Lucius’ grandfather, Isaac. There’s Roric, a dwarven bodyguard who specializes in his axe. Lastly, there’s Cragg a Neanderthal who came from the frozen wastes and exceptionally well with a spear.

Very quickly Lucius felt he found a niche, and became a role. These have become his companions, and he; their friend.

Lucius Geldhaven

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