Flynn Arroway

A curious conjurer that hails from the Empire.


Flynn was always a person who always seemed to get himself into various amount of not everyday situations. Sometimes it would be due to a run of bad luck, other times it would be caused by his habits of causing a bit of mischief and his ever hungry hunt for knowledge and unsatable curiosity. But then he can blame it on the life of being a wizard or a conjurer on top of that.

Though it’s not all bad, he manage to get into the capital of the empire and manage to even join their academy for mages. Where as long as he was able to wait, quite a bit of what he wanted to know would eventually be available to him, Eventually.

Sometimes this worked out for him, others well, lets just say certain situations required that you know something then and there, or well human curiosity has been known to cause quite an interesting series of events. Many of those kinds of events in the capital, Flynn might of even had a hand in if he didn’t start them himself.

Though he was a bright lad with a great deal of potential, being caught in areas with knowledge he wasn’t “ready” for or messing with items that are beyond what he capable of handling on a number of occasions eventually caused him to have certain judgement passed down on him. This judgement was to to have him go off to Frostfell to study there for awhile, a change of scenery if you will. Though he was about at that point that wizards were sent off for a short while to get a bit of outside experience in other lands. Let’s just say that thanks to his thirst for knowledge and his troublesome curiosity helped in deciding which area this conjurer would end up.

Not the easiest place to live he needed to get a job to help supply his continual studies and other activities that he liked to keep up on that were available in this snowy region. Which eventually led him to be hired by Lesskin to work in the Bearded maiden for him. Needing the coin, and being the only real offer that had popped up so soon, Flynn jumped on it. What could it hurt, even though this was a bit of a punishment he still enjoyed the thought of the adventures that waited ahead of him in this new frosty wasteland.

Flynn Arroway

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