Darkest Dungeon 1-5

It was a wild night in the bearded maid but what was to follow was even wilder. During the close of the evening Grendal came in to talk to Lesskin Ironcave of clan Stonebrew. Three shady characters came in and attacked Grendal, killing his body guard. However some in the party seem to think that the attack was staged. After the attack Lesskin vouches for the party in the organization’s time of need. in addition to the attack on Grendal Zoosk Blackanvil Grendal’s delivery dwarf. Leskin sends the party to a meat locker against the mountain in blue bottom.

The meat locker was empty aside from a magic snake guarding an entrance in to the mountain and 3 dead dwarves. Inside the mountain the party discovers a zombie filled fortress once occupied by the order of the grave. At the entrance of the fortress the party finds a large basin filled with an otherworldly red liquid. The red liquid flows from the basin to strange brass tendrils on the ceiling.

The party meets Glarewin Dandlewrite who explains that he was brought in to examine the red liquid. Glarwin believes the red liquid had a pacifying effect on the zombie guardians.

Simo meets one of the last Lance brothers who explains that his sometimes gullible brother found a sword and used it to turn the fountain off causing the dormant undead guardians to awake and attack.

After finding there way in to the 2nd level of the complex they discover a lab used in the past to study undead and presently used by glarwin to study the liquid. they battle two grell that had found there way in to the complex.

After exploring a vast temple hall full of dedication to various gods a magic sword flies in the room and leads the party through a cave filled with varaqules.

inside the tunnel the party discovers the origination isn’t the first to discover the order stronghold. there is evidence of excavation originating from a wizards abode.

the wizards home seems to have once belonged to Auther Kremlin, former 1st conjurer and founder of Kremlin.

it turns out lenny lance was being menipulated by both an on identified imp and the sword. luckily the party was able to get the sword away from lenny and defeat him.

Zoosk is still on accounted for how ever he picked up a coded book, before disappearing.


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